• Tiffu

Native American Heritage Month at Offcultured

I've been freelance writing for Offcultured since June this year. If you're not familiar with them, Offcultured is a global media company on a mission to share the zeitgeist of our modern world through multiple formats. We examine the cultures of our diverse world, how they interact with one another, as well as how our everyday lives are influenced by the art, music, clothing, food, religion, spirituality, and health and wellness practices that come from those cultures and interactions. We champion cultural appreciation and encourage positive cultural exchange and education.

The past couple of months, they've provided me the opportunity to not just explore more into my Native American heritage but also to share stories of other Indigenous people. For Native American Heritage month (November), they have featured these 3 articles written by me below.

I hope that these articles help you learn a little bit more about a people group that, atlhough I care a lot about, are so often unrepresented. I'm very thankful to Offcultured for giving me a platform to share these articles.