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Birthday in Quarantine - An Asian Feast

My birthday was on July 1. I celebrated a little differently than usual. Normally I go out to eat for my birthday. This year, I had my birthday dinner at home the next day with a lot of my favourite Asian foods, ranging from Chinese to Korean to Japanese. I got takeout from my favourite local Chinese restaurant, then prepared a couple additional foods. I got sweet n sour chicken and teriyaki tofu from the restaurant. Additionally, I made my semi-homemade versions of Korean style dumplings and the Chinese-Korean dish jajangmyeon (자장면).

When I was looking at the online menu, I noticed they had black bean sauce which I knew was exactly what I needed to make jajangmyeon! Since I was just getting the sauce and doing everything else myself, I could also make it without meat! I decided to use some of my favourite Korean ramen for the noodles, then top with the sauce from the restaurant. Lastly, I topped it with some sliced cucumber. Only thing missing was some yellow pickled radish. :(

For dessert, we had triple chocolate ice cream mochi (my first time having this brand), sour ramune soda, Almond Joy cookies (from Food City), and Baby Yoda cupcakes (also from Food City-- the MVP here)!

Despite not getting to see my friends like I wished or getting to go eat in a restaurant, it was still a fun time. In the end, nothing is better than getting to eat a BUNCH of your favourite foods.

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