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IT'S MY BIRTHDAY (okay, it was a couple weeks ago)... BUT I'm celebrating all month!

So, if you'd like to gift me anything, check out my new video!

If you wanna be the MVP, simply share this video and let me in know in the comments if you would like more mukbangs! I loved eating all of this great Caribbean food! I hope that you can try some Caribbean soon if you haven't already. If you have, what is your favourite? I love anything with plantain or guava!

Also, you may already know I'm an affiliate with Amazon and The Daebak Company, but, this past week, I also joined up with Pampered Chef to provide lots of cool cookware, kitchen tools, and even seasonings! Check them out at HERE at Pampered Chef.

Just remember to make your Pampered Chef purchases anytime through July 25.

However, you can order from Amazon or Daebak through my links provided below at ANY time.

You can help support my channel by using the Amazon Affiliate links above for any of your future Amazon purchases. I will receive a small commission from Amazon at no additional cost to you which will enable me to produce continuing content for this channel. Similarly, I also receive a small commission through The Daebak Company. Thank you for your support!

Please, let me know what I'm missing out on in the comments below! I want to try as much international food and snacks as possible. Also, don't forget to subscribe for more videos! I upload weekly. :) Love you guys!

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