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What I've Been Up To Pt. 1 - The Daebak Company

If you look through my blog, it may appear that I went on hiatus. Shortly after I started my blog, I got an internship writing for SnackFever's (The Daebak Company) online magazine. They are a cool company that sells subscription boxes, ranging from Korean snacks to K-beauty. Basically, I ended up doing what I was already doing at Tiffood, writing about international cuisine and snacks, specifically Korean. Sometimes, I got to write about Korean entertainment, such a K-Pop or K-Dramas. That was really fun too! I got to learn so much more about Korean culture through it. I even got to interview Kevin Woo, a Korean-American singer and actor! If you love Korean food, you should check out his Instagram, he posts cooking tutorials sometimes! 

I went through the articles I wrote during my time there and compiled them here so you can check out what I did during my time. It was a really great opportunity and I made so many friends! I miss it sometimes, but, now, I can go back to Tiffoodie! 

Looking back at it now, I wrote A LOT. Wow. I'm sort of...impressed by myself? 😂 I love looking back at all the cute and punny titles I came up with too! How did I think of some of those things when I was a sleep deprived university student? 

Let me know your favourite article in the comments below!

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