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🇧🇸Vegan Bahamian Macaroni & Cheese Recipe and Cooking Tutorial 🧀

I had made my recipe for Bahamian mac n cheese on TikTok and IG a couple months ago and was inspired to release a vegan version after Tasty posted that they were looking for healthy versions of comfort foods as part of a contest they were doing. Like most of us, mac n cheese is one of my comfort foods BUT specifically Bahamian/baked (I don't do that soup stuff lol) so I decided that a vegan version would be perfect for doing healthy alternative, especially since the original recipe calls for lots of animal products. I am really happy with how it turned out so please try it yourself and let me know how it goes! Remember to tag me if you post yours so I can see it :D @eat_tiffood.

Although I didn't win the Tasty contest, they still liked it enough to feature it on their website. You can view the full recipe at

Let me know what recipe I should release next!

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