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WEEKLY UPDATE: My FIRST TIME trying Indian Food at the BEST Indian restaurant in Orlando

I hope you all enjoy my latest video! This was so fun to relive.

First of all, my apologies for the audio. The music in the restaurant was high-key louder than me. I filmed this a while ago but wanted to share it! This was so funny to watch because since then, I actually eat Indian food ALL the time now. I've even cooked some. LOL This goes to show you how I had not always much exposure to other countries' foods. I have come to realize I LOVE curry. PERIODT. Growing up, Caribbean curry was always THE BEST but I am also obsessed with Indian curries and Thai curries.

If you're in the Orlando area, please check out Sizler! They are my favourite Indian restaurant! Literally, every single time I go to Orlando, I go to this restaurant and a nearby ice cream shop for Kulfi! Best. Combo. Ever. Also, it was so sad I didn't ask our server to appear on the video. :( He was so nice. In the span of like 5 mins, he checked on us 5 times. This restaurant really be da best tho.

Another update that I am excited to share with you guys is that I have joined a couple affiliate programs! Some of you may remember that I interned for The Daebak Company/SnackFever. Now, I am an ambassador for them! Literally, these guys have all the Korean foods, ranging from delicious snacks to fashion and skincare to K-Pop! Check out The Daekbak Company by clicking HERE ! Through your purchases with that link, I will receive a small commission.

Additionally, I am an Amazon affiliate. If you purchase anything through any of my links listed below, I will receive some commission from your purchases.

Here are a few my favourite things:

You can help support my channel by using the Amazon Affiliate links above for any of your future Amazon purchases. I will receive a small commission from Amazon at no additional cost to you which will enable me to produce continuing content for this channel. Thank you for your support!

Please, let me know what I'm missing out on in the comments below! I want to try as much international cuisines as possible. Also, don't forget to subscribe for more videos. I upload weekly. :) Have a great day.

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