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WEEKLY UPDATE: Spicy Candy Review and I have ANOTHER YouTube Channel ALREADY?

Hi guys! I hope you all have had a great week.

This week, I posted a new YouTube video! We filmed it before COVID was a thing and my Dad was visiting. I made him try SPICY candy. Sounds like a juxtaposition, doesn't it?

Check it out to see whether we liked or didn't like them!

Besides that, I have started posting videos on my *other* YouTube channel again. I started a YouTube channel a few years ago, mainly to post my short-films and projects for school. I had some video ideas recently that weren't related to Tiffoodie so decided to post them on there. If you might be interested in checking them out, feel free! I did an unboxing video for the new Samsung X BTS phone!

I also did a first-listen reaction video to my favourite singer's new EP!

His new EP is SO good.

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I'll talk to you next week!

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